воскресенье, 31 июля 2011 г.

Home sweet home

Hey there, everybody.
It's almost 10 pm here in Southampton, PA. 
While sitting in the living room of one of my favorite houses with two of my favorite cousins and freezing because of the crazy air conditioning (while it's pretty hot outside), I decided to post some pictures from the first days of my month-lasting trip to the Homeland.

After a ten hour flight accompanied by a talkative man named Sergey (thanks to him I know where I can catch fish and what is better for making meatballs), it was such a relief to see this lovely sign and realize, that I'm actually in the US again.

But NYC is still waiting for me, because I'm staying at my aunt's house next to Phillies. Anyway, here's the cutest house. 

Also, the neighborhood looks exactly like the ones from american movies. Except this one has no hot guys or potential friends for me, actually I never (read: maybe once a day, if I'm lucky) see people here. For the first time in my life, that doesn't seem like a problem.

It's impossible to live without a car here (I could of been driving for a year tho, but unfortunately, I'm an idiot), because the closest civilization to the neighborhood is a plaza that has Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks is an hour of walking. So my cousin Liz is my driver for now, haha.

We've recently went to the movies. I love watching something that comes out two-three months earlier here than in Moscow!

"Crazy stupid love" was pretty awesome. And Ryan Gosling is so incredibly hot!

Anyway, I haven't done much here yet (eating, sleeping and watching TV doesn't count!), but I did spend over two hours in any-girls-dream-store - Victoria's Secret. 

I guess, the longer I stay, the happier I am. 
Of course, I already miss my friends and favorite places in Moscow (yes, I will probably try to hug Kamergersky and the Island when I see them), but I feel perfectly calm and relaxed here. Also, Nino, dude, I'd love it if you were around. I can't even try to watch Jersey Shore without you.

Stay tuned!

суббота, 23 июля 2011 г.


Вернулись мы с пикника "Афиши".
Послушали много отличной музыки. Одну из любимых групп своей "молодости", Kaiser Chiefs, например, а еще Муджуса, Браво, Marina and the Diamonds, ну и чудесную Peaches. Она сумасшедшая, дикая и такая крутая!

Нас было много, а фотографировала я мало. И на телефон.

 Поля Глебова - пресса. Крутая, ничего не скажешь!

Сто лет не сидела/лежала на траве, уже позабыла о том, как это приятно. Но солнце пекло сильно, нас спасали только шляпы!

Кстати, публика была отличная. Правда не знали, что в Москве столько хипстеров.

Как и ожидалось, встретили кучу знакомых. Аню Гончарову (в прекрасной красной юбке Mango), например. 

Один из лучших дней этого лета :)

четверг, 21 июля 2011 г.


Я подумала, и решила: лучше разбавлять блог постами, не связанным с уличной модой, чем не вести его вообще (в связи с отсутствием новых луков). В конце-концов, блог не про моду, а про то, что меня окружает.

Снимали тут на фишай недавно. Не подозревала, честно говоря, что пленка красная... Ч/б выглядит гораздо лучше :)

 With my darling Nino waiting for the Jamiroquai concert to start.

Love of my life, Elene Beraya.